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Trick Or Treat!?ってどういう意味?

Trick Or Treat!?ってどういう意味?


Halloween, celebrated every year on October 31st, is a very popular holiday in the United
States and, recently, in many other countries around the world. During Halloween, people
dress in costumes which range from quite cute to really quite scary, and children go trick- or-treating for candy in the early evening.


Neighborhoods with a large number of children prepare for Halloween with each house buying candy to give out to kids who knock on their doors. Children walk up to the front
door of each house, knock, then shout, "Trick or treat!", and wait patiently for the owner
of the home to come out and give them candy.


But what does "trick or treat" mean?

A "treat" is the candy that is given out. A "trick" is something you do to someone to deceive them. The origin of "trick or treat" came from children giving each homeowner a very simple choice: Do you want me to play a trick on you, or do you want to give me a treat?


Most homeowners would decide to give out a treat because the "tricks" that were most commonly played ranged from somewhat innocent games like "ding-dong-ditch" where
children would ring a doorbell and then run and hide over and over again, to more mean
tricks like egging or TP-ing the homeowner's house (throwing raw eggs at the house or
covering it in toilet paper). However, today, "trick or treat" isn't a serious choice anymore. It has become a simple (phrase that children say to earn the candy they are given.)

各家庭の主人は、殆どがおもてなしをする方を選んだものでした。というのもその「いたずら」というのが、「ding-dong-ditch (ピンポンダッシュ)」の様な子供たちが呼び鈴を鳴らしては走り去り、どこかに隠れてしまう事を何度も繰り返す様な無邪気な遊びから、「egging」と呼ばれる生卵を家に投げつけるもの、あるいは、TP-ing「Toilet Papering」と呼ばれるお家や庭木にトイレットペーパーを巻き付けたりする様な厄介ないたずらまでされてしまっていたからなのです。ですが、今日では、「トリック・オア・トリート」は、もはやその様な重苦しいものではなくなりました。今や子供たちが各家庭の主人からキャンディーをもらうための、分かりやすい決まり言葉となったのです。

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