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What does "BREXIT" mean ?? "ブリグジッド"ってどういう意味??

What does "BREXIT" mean ?? "ブリグジッド"ってどういう意味??


Recently, in English language newspapers and on the net, you can see this word a lot. But do you in fact know what it means? Actually, it's a combination of two words:

British(イギリス) + exit(出る) = Brexit(イギリスの離脱)

It's a word that signifies Britain's exit from the EU.

Were you aware of that?

Will British English and British Food Also Disappear from EU?

With that, here is a link to the recent Brexit news, translated into English!

With the exit of Britain from the EU, a clamor over whether British food and British English will also disappear from the EU is beginning to mount.

ベルギーの首都ブリュッセルで行われたEU首脳会議の夕食会に参加したチェコの高官は29日、自身のツイッター上で当日のメニューの写真を掲載するととも に、「イギリスのEU離脱で、今夜の夕食にはトマトソースで煮た豆もプディングもない」として、メニューからイギリス料理がなくなったとコメントしまし た。
On the 29th, an official from The Czech Republic, attending an EU conference in Brussels, Belgium, posted a picture of the conference dinner to his personal Twitter account. Along with the photo, he wrote "Thanks to the British exit from the EU, there are no beans boiled in tomato sauce, and even no pudding tonight."

Also, on the 27th, a member of the European Parliament mentioned that, with the departure of Britain from the EU, British English as a common language would also disappear from the EU.

As a general rule, each country in the EU chooses one language to adopt and use as it's official language. However, Britain was the only country in the EU to have been using English as it's official language.

英語は、アイルランドやマルタでも使われていますが、それぞれアイルランド語とマルタ語を申請しているため、規則に従えば、イギリスがEUから離脱すれば、 EUの会議などで広く使われている英語が、EUの公用語でなくなる可能性があり、今後、加盟国の間で議論になりそうです。
English is used in such diverse places as Ireland and Malta Island. However, in keeping with EU regulations, with the departure of Britain from the EU, those countries may apply to use their own native languages (Maltese and Irish) as the common languages in their countries. English, which has been so widely used in in EU meetings, may cease to be a common language within the EU. Going forward, this is likely to be a point of debate among the remaining member countries.



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