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"recommend me to"は間違い!?

"recommend me to"は間違い!?

「Recommend」の正しい使い方 How to Use 'Recommend' Correctly

Can you spot the mistakes in these sentences?:

My boss recommended me to work harder.

How about this one?:

Jamie recommended Sarah to visit Thailand.

It is sometimes difficult to know how to use 'recommend' correctly as it can sometimes be confusing where to put the object or action that is being recommended. So let's take a look at a few ways in which we can put this tricky grammar problem to rest.

1. あるアクティビティや行動を勧める:
Recommending an activity:


Subject + recommend + (that) + person + verb

When we would like people we know to try something we have experienced, heard about or a technique that works:

I recommend you work harder.

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Subject + recommend + gerund + (to + person)
主語+recommend+動名詞+ (to + 人物)

This is the same as the above, except we use a gerund (verb + ing) instead of a subject and verb clause. This is useful when the person being recommended to is obvious:

The company recommended trying their new service to us.

Denise recommended buying a Chihuahua instead of a Dachshund to Nina.

Recommending someone (for a job or task):

Subject + recommend + person + for the job / task
主語 + recommend + 人物 + 仕事 / 任務

We use this structure when we want to say someone we know is suitable for a task or position:

I strongly recommend Paula for the job - she's well-qualified.

The club recommended their team captain for the task of representing them at the meeting.

3.何か物を勧める: Recommending an object:

Subject + recommend + object + (to + person)
主語 + recommend + 目的語 + (to + 人物)

Sometimes we would like to suggest an object to a person because we think they would like it. This can be food, drink, animals or any object that the person we are speaking to might like:

I recommend the beef stew, sir.

She recommended business class.

Try using the correct grammar above to recommend actions or things to your friends in English!

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