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Watch、See、Look の違い

Watch、See、Look の違い

Watch a movie? See a movie? Look at a movie?

先週、映画を見に映画館へ行った時の事です。 映画を見ている間、話し声がするので、後ろを振り向くと電話で話をしている人がいたので、声を大きめに"しーっ!"って言ってやりました。
I watched a movie at a theater last week. During the movie, I heard someone talking. I looked behind me and saw someone talking on their phone, so I loudly said "Shh!"
"Watch", "look"そして"see"は同様の単語ですが、使い方が違います。
"Watch," "look," and "see" are similar words, but we use them differently.


"look"は一方向に目を動かし、限られた短い時間見ることで、よく"at"と共に用いられます。 "Look" means to move your eyes in a direction and see for a short time. We often use it with "at:"   (例) 見て!あの素敵な車。 Look at that nice car!

We can use "look" with a direction:
Look up and see the clouds.

I looked around my room for my keys, but I couldn't find them.


"see"は、そうしようとしなくても何かに気づく意味で用いられます。 "See" means to notice something without trying:

I saw a spider in the kitchen and screamed!
It also means to use our eyes to be aware of what's around us:

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo Sky Tree.


"Watch"は一定の時間、何かを注意深く見るという意味で、しばしば動いているものを見るときに用いられます。 "Watch" means to look at something carefully for some time. We often use it with moving things:

I'm watching the children play to make sure no one gets hurt.

We also use it with periods of time:

We watched the panda for 10 minutes, but it didn't move.

See and Watch

"see"と"watch"は、どちらも用いられることがあります。 In some cases, "see" and "watch" can both be used:   その映画館に行って、その映画が上映されているのを知りました。 We saw a movie at the theater. = We went to the theater and noticed the movie playing. その映画館で、その映画をじっくり鑑賞しました。 We watched a movie at the theater. = We looked at the movie carefully.   上の二つの文は、その映画館に行って、ある映画を見たという意味では基本的には同じです。 The meaning in the above two sentences are basically the same.   (例) ● 最近、見て驚いたものはありますか? 動物園で面白い動物を見ましたか?     Did you see something surprising lately? Is there an animal you enjoy watching at the zoo? ● 今後ろを振り向くと、そこには何が見えますか?  If you look behind you right now, what can you see?
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