Is this a problem for the country to solve?!

Huge fan of SMAP makes direct appeal to Prime Minister Abe to obstruct the breakup of the group.

One month has passed since the public announcement, but even now the uproar over the breakup of SMAP shows no signs of settling.

Rising from their sorrow, some fans have begun to wonder if there is any way to stop the breakup, and have begun to take action.


"There are, of course, independent acts of rebellion among fans, but there are also mass movements, such as the crusade to purchase copies of "The Only Flower In the World." Fans don't believe that simply by purchasing it they can make any difference, but I think they simply want SMAP to profit just a little more..." (Anonymous entertainment writer)

The fact that fans are engaging in such pointless acts of support simply goes to show the extent of the shock they are undergoing.


ただ、中にはとんでもない方法を呼びかけるファンまで登場している。 However, among all the fans carrying out acts of protest and support, one fan appeared calling for an unexpected action. 「首相官邸や内閣府といった政府関連機関に解散阻止のメールを送りつけるファンがいて、他の人にもメールを送るよう訴えています。どうやらSMAP解散は日本を揺るがす大問題だと思っているようですね。じっとしていられない気持ちはわかりますが、安倍首相にうったえても無駄でしょう(笑)」(前出・芸能ライター) "A fan sent mail calling for the obstruction of the breakup of SMAP to the official residence of the Prime Minister & the Cabinet Office, and also encouraged other fans to do the same. The fan seemed to believe that the breakup of SMAP would cause instability in Japan. I understand his firm conviction, but it's pointless to appeal to the Prime Minister." (Anonymous entertainment writer, same as above) 同じSMAPファンからも「そんなことしても意味がないのがわからないのか」「とりあえず騒げばいいってもんじゃない」と批判が上がる事態になっている。 Regarding the letter to the Prime Minister, other SMAP fans are saying things like "The fan who sent the letter probably doesn't know that it was meaningless." Other fans are saying things like "It's not a bad thing to raise a ruckus like this, right?" さながら"モンスター・ファン"誕生といったところか。 Perhaps we should say that this event signals the birth of "Monster Fans?" この騒乱が収まるまでには、まだまだ時間がかかりそうだ。 It seems like it will still take quite a while until we see the end of this disturbance over the breakup of SMAP.


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